Week of Spiritual Emphasis – September 2nd 2020

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Wednesday 2nd of September, 2020

September 2020 Prophetic Focus: Godliness is Profitable unto All Things

Mid – Week Teaching Series : Putting on a Fight Against the Force of Godliness  1 Timothy 3:4-5

Godliness guarantees an asset here on earth and Eternity in the hereafter. So it’s worth whatever it takes. Every true revelation is revolutionary in nature, it dramatically changes the story of the recipient. 2Cor 3:18 – every truth you have truly found triggers a change. Isa 60:1, 12, 22 – The glory of the Lord is triggered every time you encounter the light of the Word and chooses to embrace and run with it.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Kingdom is the mystery of Godliness. It triggers the kind of change that no lifetime of effort can bring to bear. The fear of God turns Daniel to the greatest asset to the kingdom of Babylon and brought Joseph into Palace.

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The mystery of Godliness is capable to swallow the mystery of iniquities e.g. the rod of Moses swallowing the rods of the magicians.

Godliness is a spiritual treasure that create a great future and secures Eternity Matthew 13:44 , Proverb 23:23 Godliness guarantees greatest adventures on earth Isa 51:1-3

Righteousness empowers us to live in the Garden of the LORD again ISA 32:17/42:22-24 . Sins are no more sins, there are so many junks going on, on the TV screen now. Since sin is no longer sin, there is no room for repentance…. Matt 6:13/9:12 /26:41 – We are helpless without prayers to God

1 Cor 6:9-11 ungodliness chokes life – There is nothing of value that is ever free.

Godliness is most valuable asset in the Christian race, so it carries high level cost. James 4:8

Every items of the Lord’s Prayer is for daily engagement. In addition, we must engage in prayers and fasting to destroy the holds of the devils over our lives Isa 58:6-8 Romans 8:15. Additions are bondage. We are fast losing the heroes of tomorrow to stupid additions (music, screens tv, phones) we can break all kind of satanic additions through the weaponry of prayer and fasting. 1 John 5:4

It’s not a fight of strength or experience but of Faith, pulling out the Word of God to fight the foul spirits from hell – The Word is the sword of the Spirit.

The prosperity in the Kingdom in in relation to your spiritual prosperity Proverbs 28:30 you can’t prosper with sin. 3 John 2 Job 1 – Our breakthrough is limited to our spiritual breakthrough, that is how important Godliness is – PS 11:3 Matt 1:21 1 John 3:7-8 If you don’t love Righteousness, you can’t hate wickedness.

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