Reviews and Nuggets from Born to Win Book by Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo

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Born to Win Book by Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo

The book “Born to Win” by Bishop David Oyedepo is one golden piece for a triumphant living. It’s a book you can read at a sitting and it will unleashes on you the insights and step by step God order of Wisdom to get your victory in any department of life. Born to win is also divided into two sections which are the Foundations for Victory and the Steps to Victory.

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I will briefly review and give points in my own view as blessed from the “Born to Win book”, might also add some nuggets from the book. I want to do this so that you can be encouraged to go ahead to read this immensely powerful book. I will discuss the two sections of the book briefly, but this blog article will focus on the first section while the second section will be out soon.

Section One: Foundation for Victory

  1. There is a war: A lot of believers tend to live life as a fun fare, there is a war going on. Either you acknowledge it or not, there is constant war. It will be ridiculous for you to claim to be victorious over no one (Nuggets). The war is spiritual in nature and you and I are involved in the war. It’s not physical, the devil is a spirit, and we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power.
  2. Drama at Calvary: This topic gave us better understanding of what really took place when Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary. Bishop David Oyedepo made it cleared that God the Son don’t have any business with the devil if not for me and you. The Creator of Heaven and Earth was crucified by His Creatures. God’s servant said this is the greatest event in history. The topic also revealed to us how man fell into sin and how Jesus Christ represent the Second Adam to rescue us from slavery and spiritual death that was caused by the fall.
  3. Your New Status: By the blood of Jesus, we are victors over the devil. We need to identify with Christ in His sufferings to claim our right to the Victory He won for us. Dr. Davidi Oyedepo made it cleared that Jesus Christ identify with us in our spiritual death state, if not He would not be able to save and redeem us. We must also identify with Him at all stages of the redemption; Cruxification, Burial and Resurrection if we want to legally claim any right to the Victory won for us. This gives us access to the nature of God because we were created a god from the beginning. Jesus Christ redeemed us and brought us back to this new state.
  4. The Fight of Faith: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. It’s by Faith we can resist the devil. Dr. Oyedepo said the enemy you are warring against is not physical, so you cannot attack him with physical weapons. He also said that in this fight, your faith is in direct conflict with the devil and the enemy knows that you are what you are what your faith is. Our Faith must be consciously built to be victorious and get the quality of life we want our lives to be. God framed the Worlds by Faith and He had designed the Faith system for us to operate everything. It’s also worthy of notes that if God created the Worlds by His Faith-filled Words, the Worlds cannot overcome the Word of God spoken and exercised from a faith filled heart.
  5. Born Winner: God’s servant wrote: “You can have as many victories as the battles you have, as long as you abide in God and know Him intimately, for those people that do know their God hall be strong and do exploits. As long as we walk in God’s covenant. We are born of God by the virtue of our redemption and whatsoever is born of God overcomes the World, so we are born winners.
  6. Getting Set for Your Victory: The last topic in the first section of the “Born to Win” book highlight 3 things you need to do to get set for your victory. You need to know God as your source and stay glue to Him. Be still and know that God’s hand will bring the desired victory and be engaged in the art of praise always.

This is the review of the first section of the book “Born to Win” by Bishop David Oyedepo.  Be sure to open your spirit when you want to consume this golden piece. You can get the book from Dominion book store or on Amazon

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