How A Plan To Frame Bishop David Oyedepo For Crime Failed

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How A Plan To Frame Bishop David Oyedepo For Chrime

Known for being a fearless and very bold talker who doesn’t mince words, there was however a time the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, otherwise known as Winner Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo almost got framed up for a crime, by people suspected to have been worried about the never relenting way he was always making bold declarations in Christ. This was coupled with the fact that the Bishop was making satisfactory progress in his young ministry that many people didn’t quite like.

This incidence happened in Kaduna where the then Pastor Oyedepo had moved to from Ilorin where he received the mandate and began the church. It was in 1985, during the time of Major General Muhammadu Buhari whose regime took a bold stance on drug trafficking and would sentence anyone caught dealing in hard drugs or other related substances, to a firing squad. Expectedly, this sent palpable fear in most Nigerians who had to think twice before delving into the drug business. Ofcourse this did not stop a few others who were bold enough from venturing into the drug business.

At that time, Oyedepo, then a young pastor would preach and make bold declarations such as – “Here to take over”; “I can never be sick”; “I can never be poor”; I cannot be killed”; “I cannot die now.”

This was not received very well by Christians and those from other beliefs as it sounded too brash and unchristian for a supposedly newcomer. He challenged the establishment like people from the Local Government who often tried to make him relocate from the premises used as a church for according to them, he was ‘making too much noise’. He always sent them back to the authorities with sworn curses for any who dared to stand in God’s way.

And so one day, a former driver of then Pastor Oyedepo came visiting and offered to wash his Peugeot 504. To impress his former boss, the driver turned the whole car inside out, car seats, carpets and all to wash. Stepping out of his apartment with his wife, Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo to get into his car, Oyedepo wondered why the driver didn’t just give the car a basic exterior rub down instead of the elaborate washing he was doing.

Just at that moment, the driver let out a shrill cry on discovering the content of a small nylon bag tied and left under the driver’s seat carefully. It was soon discovered that the contents of the nylon which was grassy, was weed. “What is weed?” Oyedepo asked. “Igbo,” was the reply. Wondering how it got there, he casually asked it to be removed from the car and thrown away while appreciating his former driver for his efforts.

Driving out, he discovered a police checkpoint not too far from his house which was very unusual. He was asked to stop and they were ordered them out of the car for a routine search. This was also unusual as they were known faces in the neighborhood. But they both obliged. The shocker however came when one of the police officers went straight to the driver’s seat and checked beneath it as if he had placed something there. He found nothing, he searched some more and after being convinced there was nothing, they let the couple go.

And that was how the bold talking Pastor Oyedepo escaped being framed for something he knew nothing about. Incidentally, this has not stopped him from making bold declarations as up till this day, it has become his trade mark.

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