7 Powerful Books by Bishop David O. Oyedepo

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Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo is a renowned Servant of God who received a mandate on May 2nd 1981 to liberate humanity through the preaching of the Word of Faith in an 18 hours long vision where he saw people beaten and battered, deformed and without colors.

He’s the Founder and president of the Living Faith Church World Wide also known as Winners Chapel International headqautered at 10, Idiroko Road, Ota Ogun State, a sub-hub of Nigerian largest commercial city Lagos.

Bishop David Oyedepo received a mandate in 1982 from God to put the God’s speoken Word through his mouth to written and the same auction that is upon the spoken Word, God promised to put it on the written Word. This is how the Dominion publishing House was born, and the books by Bishop David Oyedepo and other God’s ministers under the commission are blessings millions upon millions around the World today.

Bishop David Oyedepo books are in hundreds since the first two books “Law of Faith and the Miracle Seeds” were written and published in 1985. Those two small books had given birth to hundreds of books by Bishop David Oyedepo, blessing and impacting generations.

I am going to list 7 powerful books by Bishop David Oyedepo, these are going to be in series. All the books by My Father are very powerful, insightful and Glorious, changing the stories of many around the globe. However, As of the time of writing this piece, I am in the process of eating and consuming all his books.

So, I want to give you 7 of the powerful books I have read and all Bishop Oyedepo’s books are full of blessings. Open your heart and be blessed.

  1. Success System: If you are looking for a book that guide you in the way, pick you from the pit of failure and push you into the height of success, then you need to read success system. This book is a 12 chapter book with bright light and great insight that will turn your situation around. No matter the place you are currently at in any department of your life, success system has the guaranteed, actionable insight to push you into motion. We don’t succeed by accident, we need information (Facts), Vision and Hard work. The 12 chapters of Success system hinges on 7 pillars each and Vision, Facts and Hard work in one form or another show forth in 10 of the chapters. This means, without these three, success cannot be attained. God is only committed to what He showed you, and there is no way you will go far in life without facts. If you gather all the facts to back up the Heavenly Vision about that department of Life, without pursuit or working hard, there will still be failure loitering around the premises. You can get Success system on Dominion Book Stores or Amazon
  2. Winning Invisible Battles: This World is a battle field, it’s not a fun fare. All the uphill and challenges we faced every single day confirmed this. Bishop David Oyedepo bless you and me with this voluminous book to conquer the invisible forces that are ravaging and controlling our lives. To get, winning Invisible battles, click here
  3. Keys to Divine Health: God’s plan for us is to live in health and prosper even as our souls prospers. Keys to divine health is a small but mighty book. Thousands of testimonies from this book confirmed this. Keys to Divine health makes us realized that we are pattern after Christ and as His brethren, we have the right to sickness free life. Bishop David Oyedepo said Jesus is the First Born Son and we are His brethren, this is how God sees us. Taking a careful look at the ministry of Jesus from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, there is no place you will see that Jesus was sick or His health deteriorated for a second. Even His disciples were sickness free, Jesus was not only sickness free but also made His environment sickness free. Dr. David Oyedepo gives you and me the keys to live a healthy life everyday of our journey on the earth. Get it on Dominion book store or Amazon
  4. Born to Win: This is another powerful book by Bishop David Oyedepo, I read this book some years back and thank God it’s the book of the month of February. I have to read this book again. It’s very powerful. We are born winners, we are more than conquerors on earth. Get Born to win on Dominion Book Stores or on Amazon
  5. Satan get Lost: There was a man who came to our Father in the Lord because he was being oppressed and tormented by unseen forces. He came for prayers and deliverance. Bishop David Oyedepo however, directed him to go and buy at the Dominion Book Store, a book titled “Satan get Lost” After few days, the man came back beaming with joy and smiles all over him, saying “I don’t know Satan was that cheap” Satan get lost will show you that your one and only enemy in this journey is Satan. Stop seeing people around you as the enemies. Satan only orchestrated his evil through some of them. If you deal with Satan, then his agents will be silent. Click here to get it on Amazon or on Dominion Book Store
  6. Breaking Financial Hardship: This book reveal what you need to do to break all financial hardship and enjoy financial freedom. Blessings is the cure for curses, to enjoy the blessings of God, then you need to come on the Covenant frequency of God and you will be glad you did, for the rest of your life. Get Breaking Financial Hardship from Dominion Book Stores or on Amazon
  7. Exploit of Faith: Another powerful books in the hall of Faith is the Exploit of Faith by Bishop David Oyedepo. Faith is the spiritual breath of any born again child of God. As a person is naturally dead without the breath in his nostril, so also a believer is dead without faith. The level of your impacts and triumph is also dependent on the level of your faith. Faith is in levels, you need to get exploits of Faith by Dr. David Oyedepo. He’s one of the Faith Doctor on the planet earth today. Get Exploit of Faith on Dominion Book Stores or on Amazon

This list of Bishop David Oyedepo books is in series, you can check out other series as soon as I put them together.

There is Love in Sharing, you can help spread this to your network, God bless you and your endeavors.

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